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    Welcome to the home of Dark Side of the Field Incorporated, a company dedicated to bringing high quality content to the discriminating voyeur.

    I am here to bring you the best videos I can. I have high hopes to bring you videos that will keep you in touch with the pulse of America's Heartland.
    I am a young farm-owner in a rural area. A couple years ago I started paying attention to the amount of after-hours traffic down by my fields and decided to see what was going on. Armed with a shotgun and my cellular, I walked down to check things out. I got a nice surprise.
    The next day I started looking for a video camera capable of low-light filming. Over the next month I found one and hid it and a VCR in a large electrical switchbox. I installed an electric water pump to go with the box (field looked like it could use one anyway), set up an infra-red array to give the camera a bit more light, and put down some blocks to get people to park where I needed them to be.
    I started filming.
    A couple years later, I am here.

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